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Raise money without any of the hassles of traditional fundraising!

  • No order taking
  • No money collection
  • No deliveries

Now you can have an ongoing fundraiser that brings your group money month after month and year after year! Technology related products are one of the fastest growing industries today. Literally billions of dollars each year are already being spent on these products.

Consider This:

  • Millions of laptops , tablets, kindles, printers, digital cameras, and cell phones are sold in the United States each year.
  • Almost every place of business has at least one computer and printer, and many have several.
  • Home offices are becoming more and more common.
  • Most parents are required to purchase school supplies for their children.
  • Students doing homework on computers is an everyday occurrence.
  • Printing your own pictures have changed the photo industry.

It’s My Community Store has thousands of items your supporters are already purchasing everyday: inkjet Cartridges, toner cartridges, laptop, tablet, cell phone, and camera accessories, office supplies, school supplies, and so much more.

Remember your supporters are already buying these products, all you’ll ask them to do is start purchasing them from It’s My Community Store. The good news is our products are at reduced prices so your supporters save money while you earn money!

It’s My Community Store has thousands of consumer bases products at reduced pricing.

  • printer supplies
  • laptop and tablet accessories
  • cell phone accessories
  • camera accessories
  • office supplies
  • school supplies
  • and many everyday household items

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Registering is simple and free

    Call for registration information and a set up form. We can have you added onto our site immediately.

  2. Free Marketing Materials

    Marketing “It’s My Community Store” as your new fundraiser is a snap because we provide your marketing materials including mailing inserts, announcement flyers, newsletter inserts, and more. Once you sign up we’ll work with you to determine what you need to be successful.

    We’ll even continue to assist you in marketing to your supporters after their first purchase, to ensure they keep coming back.

  3. Start Earning

    Each time one of your supporters places an order, your group will earn up to 10% of the total dollar value of the products ordered. Checks will be sent to your organization  with a complete report of all orders placed.