Big Companies Save Money With It’s My Community Store

Earlier this week one of our newer customers called looking for tape for their office labeler, but could not find it on our website. He provided me with an Office Depot part number and shortly after I was able to find the exact same product on our website, the only catch is that we offer the tape for five dollars less than Office Depot.

This isn’t the first time we have been more affordable than our competitors, in fact on average we save our customers 20 to 30 percent more than what they would spend at a big box store.

Another great example is our sticky notes; we sell 12 pads for $3.99. For the Office Depot brand it costs $14.99. You can’t find a better saving then that and on top of that you get the satisfaction of giving back to your community.

Another common misconception that we have encountered in the past few months is the thought that we can’t handle larger sized businesses; this of course is not true.  We currently provide office supplies to companies such as PENCOM, Tamarack Junction Casino, Reno Buick GMC Cadillac, GST International, and Creative Coverings. These businesses are all large scale companies, either by the number of people they employee, the amount of supplies they order, or the amount of area that they provide services for. The fact that we are a unique business doesn’t stop us from providing office supplies and printer supplies to large companies.

We are always looking to take on new businesses regardless of their size and monthly demand.  We offer reasonable prices and shipping costs as well as the satisfaction of knowing you helped a non-profit organization.  To request a custom quote please visit click here.


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