It’s My Community Store works with Reno Rebirth Blog

We are excited to say that recently we have been doing a lot of work with the Reno Rebirth Blog.  Jenifer, our CEO is doing monthly posts on what the Reno area can do to better the community, you can see the first post by clicking the link below.

How even a tiny business can show some community love

In addition to the monthly posts, It’s My Community Store was featured in a story by Mark Robison on Sunday. The story included several local businesses that are giving back to their community and of course our section about turning office supplies and printer supplies into funds for more than 50 non-profits.  Take a look at the article and what all these great businesses are doing for charities, non-profits, and their communities.

Charity drive: Some Northern Nevada businesses make helping others a key part of what they do

Reno Non-Profit Fundraising Programs

To a Reno Non-profit Fundraisers are essential to success, a simple fundraising program can be the key. By embracing few or many Reno fundraising ideas, donors get a choice when helping your organization. They want to help, but don’t quite want what your one Reno fundraiser idea is. Give them multiple things to give back. This strategy also opens multiple sources of donation income which will take a much longer time to run dry..

There are many fundraising opportunities out there, but getting overwhelmed by the business of fundraising can take the fun right out of the fundraiser. Easy to manage and get going is the best course of action for a non-profit that will allow you to get the money you need and get back to doing what you love.

How to do a fundraiser

Reno Fundraising opportunities can be fairly easy, given a cooperation between every body.

If you need some money for your Reno School Fundraiser, the old way would be to order your own supplies, order marketing material, once you get it, you’d go an try to sell some products to tons of people, only a few buying because it wasn’t anything they wanted to buy, you handle money & product. You could lose time and money this way.

Now with It’s My Community Store, we’ll help you with all this. All you have to do is call us at 1-855-720-2911 for Registration information and a set-up form, we’ll put you on the site instantly to start earning money. We’ll give you FREE marketing materials to hand out including, mailing inserts, announcement flyers, newsletter inserts and more! We’ll even help you to have a successful Reno Fundraiser.

Each time one of your supporters places and order, you’ll earn up to 10% of their order.