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It’s my Community Store shows how any business can give to the community

It’s My Community Store was featured on the Plush Life recently.  Businesses share their thoughts on our office supplies and printer supplies.  Also, non-profits express how It’s My Community Store helps their organization.

Giving Back to the SPCA of Northern Nevada


Checks went out last week and today we received the above message from the SPCA of Northern Nevada.  Every time that you buy office supplies or printer supplies and you picked the SPCA, your money went to saving animals.  Thank you for the support, together we can improve the community just like we helped the SPCA.

Non-profit fundraising opportunity

Reno Non-profit fundraising is an ongoing process that needs some creative ideas and some hard work. Here is some more non-profit fundraising ideas.

The standard for many non-profits is to solicit the board members. An annual amount can be established and they may donate their own funds or petition their friends and family for support.

Create a service that clients may come to pay for this service. And it is usual that if monetary value is placed to a service or good, the client is more likely to place it of higher value and will often hold to their attendance.

If your Reno Non-Profit Fundraiser is brought to the public, and hosted through an annual Reno Fundraising event, you’ll gain supporters from all walks of life. We suggest adding a raffle or silent auction to bring in funds while creating an interactive experience for supporters.

Sub-lease some space. If you have a large building or lots of land, you may sub-lease it to small businesses, individuals, or non-profits to create some extra revenue.

Don’t overlook the donation. A time-honored method that has supported non-profits for years.

Hire a grant writer to find and obtain grants from a wide assortment of sources.

Email campaigns. Email is free, collect a list of sponsors, supporters, and volunteers that are likely to donate in the future.

Some not only want to give their love, time, and money to your Reno Non-profit fundraiser, but they may be inclined to leave an estate or endowment after they passaway.

While on the subject of the grim and unfortunate, you could give honor to loved ones and allow others to purchase memorials for their loved ones, living or not.

Ideas for Reno Non-profit fundraising

Every Non-profit should have a form of fundraising guideline, whether based with in the structure of the non-profit, or a separate plan in and of itself. Being a non-profit, it is always a struggle to raise funds, so having a fundraising plan with objectives is crucial.

Grants and contracts are the typical norm, but there is also methods like selling advertisement space on a website or in a publication. The best method really depends on your Non-profit and what best suits your supporters and how your non-profit runs.

you can apply to governmental or foundation grants based on your what your Non-profit’s mission is. Always be clear on what areas that the governmental agency or the foundation’s grant will be funding so you are not wasting your time or theirs with undefined guides.

Your Reno Non-profit fundraising may also come from governmental, state, or private party contracts to provide selective services for them.

Branch your organization into a small business. Create a business plan that can generate revenue for your non-profit, which also gives some of those that would volunteer for you a paid income so they can continue to help you grow.

Combine efforts with a local company that is in favor of your Reno non-profit fundraiser, you can work with the company to run a fundraising campaign that can be supported by their clients and their employees.

Create a volunteer program that allows you to save money where it would normally cost you to hire staff, volunteers can also seek to find other sponsors.

Merchandising! Followers love to show their support while also supporting you financially. So selling products with your logo, whether logo wear or other product that your supporter would love to use and show off.

In exchange for a small fee or purchase of material, you can host workshops, training seminars, conferences, etc. You can also work with other non-profits that may share similar expertise or goals as yours. Don’t forget your staff and supporters have amazing abilities that others would love to learn.

A common fundraising opportunity some Non-profits do is supply memberships that give supporters access to special events, newsletters, or other perks. (such as art museums) You may be able to set up a tiered system to give the option of various degrees of benefits for varying levels of financial support.

Gain a working relationship with for-profit corporations that share your mission or goals. They may advertise your organization and fund some of your endeavors.

Online Fundraising Tips – Part III

Last two weeks we gave some tips on your Online Fundraiser.

  • Online Fundraising Tip 9: Ultimately… Be you. It’s not all about "Join us" "donate now" "Tell everyone!" There is a philosophy growing across the internet, the giant Google is down to earth and corny, they do a goofy april fool’s joke every year, they have subtle jokes all across their documentation and help, and not to mention the Google Doodle that appears everyonce in awhile that changes out the Google logo. People love creativity and fun posts.

And finally…

  • Online Fundraising Tip 10: Be professional. Being human is a great way to have supporters warm up to you. But, use common sense when it comes to posting on social media. You have a presence that people look to, so give them something to be proud of. Instruct the staff to do so as well, like no wild, and crazy party pictures, that type of thing. Obviously don’t be rude or crude.

Thank you for reading through these tips, I hope they are helpful for your Sacramento Fundraiser.

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Online Fundraising Tips – Part II

For Non-profit organization fundraisers, the current state of affairs is bleak, but many have utilized the power of the internet for Online Fundraising. We present to you our second round of tips on how to use social media for your Sacramento fundraiser.

  • Online Fundraising Tip 5: Keep everyday, events, and online fundraising campaign interactions separate. Have the employees answer inquiries and provide or direct to useful information, always have them be courteous and genuine. But, when in campaign mode, it’s best to have everyone provide consistent and structured information and answers.
  • Online Fundraising Tip 6: Stay organized. Providing information is great! Providing the same information over and over…. that’s not so great. So mix it up, a suggestion is to have themes for days of the week; whether it’s sending texts, asking for donations, providing a story (sad or inspiring), etc. Keep it on schedule.
  • Online Fundraising Tip 7: Stay on top of things! This can’t be stressed enough, staying on top of things and being consistent, without large gaps of downtime lets people know that you’re there and you’re proactive about what you do. People can grow to depend on you to provide information, graphics, or trivia.
  • Online Fundraising Tip 8: Set up a FAQ. You’ll get lots of questions, figure out between 20-50 of the most common questions. Prep yourself, your staff, and your supporters on the best answers to these.

These tips should help you out for this week. We’ll have more next week, so stay tuned

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Online Fundraising Tips – Part I

Even in a upside-down economy, there is still hope for you Sacramento Fundraisers out there. Free resources exist online for you to spread the word about what you’re doing and gain supporters. Many have found social media to be the prime tool for Online Fundraising. Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Networks.

Even with these tools, you may find that people want to help but don’t feel they can. Which brings us to Online fundraising tip number 1.

  • Online Fundraising Tip 1: Petition for donations around the 1st and 15th of the month. (This is something that is true with most Sacramento Fundraising ideas. Around pay day, people feel more generous. )
  • Online Fundraising Tip 2: Find the trends online. (Find certain trends with google or youtube and blog sites like Tumblr. Everybody love Animals!) The goal is to get people now only to "Like" it but to "Share" it. This is a quick way of the old word of mouth.
  • Online Fundraising Tip 3: Have some of the staff be engaged on Social Media. Train them on how to interact with others on it. The more they know about it, the more they feel encouraged to write more. Have each of them set up their own accounts so they can bring more supporters in through their own personality.
  • Online Fundraising Tip 4: Nobody appreciates beggars. That is, let your supports decide if they want to "re-blog", "re-tweet", or "Like" something. Don’t ask them to do this, you wouldn’t ask them if it were any other type of communication..

That’s it for this week, stay tuned next week for another part of Online Fundraising tips.

Rethink that Non-Profit Fundraiser

As much as it is important for us at It’s My Community Store for Reno Non-profit fundraising to earn money, we also like to save Reno Non-profit Fundraisers money as well.

This is a hard one for us to approach, as your Reno Non-profit has already decided to invest in a new building or even a new room. You’ve already invested time, thought, and emotion into this new investment… But, let’s take another look at it.

Sure the extra space would be nice, but what about investing, not in the physical expansion, but the expansion of capabilities? An investment into a new source of revenue, a new computer system, an evaluation system. Think of it as an investment into your Reno Non-profit. Money to make money. Not Money to spend.

There is an advantage to adding reality. Make a physical appearance, impress more investors, push a team to work hard and more efficiently, as well as having the ability to say “We’re here!”. But, if your non-profit is doing what it had done before, it puts more financial strain to push to cover maintenance costs. Pushing for funds can stress regular donations to turn away. But it does not necessarily make your non-profit more able to change society.

There are some tough things to look at. But, instead of eating away at hard earned Reno Non-profit Fundraising money in getting a new building, ask yourself, the staff, and the board… Will it help make a difference? Will it aid in making more social change? Will it help get us closer to our goal?

Reno Non-Profit Fundraising Programs

To a Reno Non-profit Fundraisers are essential to success, a simple fundraising program can be the key. By embracing few or many Reno fundraising ideas, donors get a choice when helping your organization. They want to help, but don’t quite want what your one Reno fundraiser idea is. Give them multiple things to give back. This strategy also opens multiple sources of donation income which will take a much longer time to run dry..

There are many fundraising opportunities out there, but getting overwhelmed by the business of fundraising can take the fun right out of the fundraiser. Easy to manage and get going is the best course of action for a non-profit that will allow you to get the money you need and get back to doing what you love.