Computers & the Classroom (A hint to Reno School Fundraisers)

Many adults, when growing up, didn’t have much education in the terms of computers. But, today’s kids, not only desire to learn computers and really enjoy it, but in today’s society, they have to know it to get many good jobs out there. Not to mention well into the future.

Let’s hope your school is able to provide computers for kids. Even if it’s not, or if you’re in dire need of new systems, It’s My Community can help with your Reno School Fundraiser!

This is a great learning experience for a school’s students and ability to raise funds for a new tech lab for them. You can even get computer supplies from It’s My Community Store at reduced prices and get up to 10% donated back to your school!

It’s easy to get signed up, just give us a call today at 1-855-720-2911 and we’ll answer any questions you have.

How to do a fundraiser

Reno Fundraising opportunities can be fairly easy, given a cooperation between every body.

If you need some money for your Reno School Fundraiser, the old way would be to order your own supplies, order marketing material, once you get it, you’d go an try to sell some products to tons of people, only a few buying because it wasn’t anything they wanted to buy, you handle money & product. You could lose time and money this way.

Now with It’s My Community Store, we’ll help you with all this. All you have to do is call us at 1-855-720-2911 for Registration information and a set-up form, we’ll put you on the site instantly to start earning money. We’ll give you FREE marketing materials to hand out including, mailing inserts, announcement flyers, newsletter inserts and more! We’ll even help you to have a successful Reno Fundraiser.

Each time one of your supporters places and order, you’ll earn up to 10% of their order.

Fundraising Safety Tips

To some it’s a very scary world out there, especially to concerned parents. When a school asks children to step in to do field trip fundraising, sports team fundraising, and other Reno school fundraising, it can be nerve racking to set the kids out to sell something to strangers.

Below are a few Reno fundraising ideas to keep your children safe.

  • For Reno School Fundraisers, notify the school admin office so they are aware. They may also offer some advice, safety tips, or some Reno fundraiser ideas
  • Door-to-door sales is outdated and an unsafe practice. Though it seems like a good idea to get kids out there to make sales, it’s dangerous to do this in todays world. Instead, as parents, be involved, make phone calls, emails, or use social networking. Also, only contact friends, family, and people you know are safe.
  • Be involved, use any fundraising ideas as a learning tool to teach safety and etiquette, as well as how to present themselves. It’s My Community Store makes it easy to do Online Fundraising, but the Internet makes it easy for you kids to get in trouble, so always be with your child to take the wheel and lead a safe trip.
  • Be the banker! Several times in fundraising history, children have gotten in trouble by money getting lost. Sometimes no one is to blame, other times kids don’t know better. It’s My Community Store takes care of money handling and distribution, so with us this isn’t really a concern. But, it is advice for any kind of fundraising idea.
  • Communication is key. Stay in touch with people, let them know what’s going on. Make it clear how the fundraiser works, what it’s for, etc. Don’t rely on kids to give a message to anyone, they forget, get the message wrong, or don’t understand themselves what they are saying. Phone calls, emails, bulletins, flyers, announcements (Online is best) all can help the terms of safety.

It’s My Community Store encourages the safety of children when fundraising, but also for them to have fun!

For your Reno Fundraising Opportunity choose It’s My Community Store!