Some School Supplies Contain Toxic Chemicals

As a leading Reno school supply distributor, we often hear about the excitement a child experiences when picking out their lunchbox and backpack before going off to school. But did you know that buying them that superhero lunch pail they just have to have may be putting them in danger? As it turns out, some children’s backpacks and lunchboxes may contain toxic chemicals necessarily want around your children.

A new report issued by the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (CHEJ) found toxic chemicals in school supplies made from vinyl or PVC plastic. The chemicals, called phthalates, are used to soften vinyl, which is then turned into backpacks, 3-ring binders, rain boots, lunchboxes and more. Phthalates have been linked to birth defects, infertility, early puberty, asthma, ADHD, obesity, diabetes and cancer and are dangerous at very low levels of exposure. The following show just how high the toxic levels in certain products are.

  • A Dora the Explorer Backpack contained phthalates over 69 times the limit set by the federal toy ban.
  • An Amazing Spider Man Backpack contained phthalates over 52 times the limit set by the federal toy ban.
  • A Disney Princess Lunchbox contained phthalates over 29 times the limit set by the federal toy ban.
  • An Amazing Spiderman Lunchbox contained phthalates over 27 times the limit set by the federal toy ban.

This is why It’s My Community Store suggests avoiding plastic products for your children. Instead purchase backpacks made of fabric materials such as our Deluxe Backpack. This way you can rest assured knowing your child is safely prepared for school while also giving back to the community.

Give School Supplies for a Fun and Safe Reno Halloween

Parents these days are more conscious of what their kids are eating, so many frown on the idea of the time honored Halloween candy. Give them some peace of mind this year by handing out fun school supplies instead! You can give them festive themed pencils and erasers, but think about giving them some fun school supplies like coloring crayons and markers.

Think they’ll be disappointed with it? Well, maybe they will be at first, but when all the candy is gone and the stomach aches have subsided, they’ll have tons of fun with a thought for gift of school supplies when they’re drawing the monsters they saw at Halloween night!

More Washoe School shopping tips

After last week’s post, we came up with some more shopping tips for you this year and many others down the line.

1. Recollect last year’s supplies, take inventory and reuse stuff from last year.
2. Start early, take advantage of the summer by spreading your supply shopping over several months, looking for great deals and promotions along the way. Keep the list handy so you always know what is needed on the list.
3. Divide and conquer – This one helps if you know other parents, take advantage of buy-in-large deals that give you huge discounts for buying huge quantities, and split the cost and supplies with some other parents with kids in your grades.
4. Plan ahead and watch for promotions and bargains all year. Though in the Washoe county back-to-school supply season, the best deals happen, it doesn’t mean that great deals don’t happen all year, just keep your eye out for the basics.

Washoe County Back-to-School Supplies shopping tips

Hey Washoe County School Supply hunters, it’s that time again, and if you haven’t already started shopping for your kid’s Washoe School supplies, then it’s not to late! It’s My Community Store can make the shopping a breeze with our Back-to-School kits, also our products usually arrive 1 to 2 days after ordering.

You still thinking about shopping with some savvy? We’ll give you a handful of tips:

1. Know the difference between Want and Need.
The frugal shopper 101 is to know when you need it and when you want it. Kids are often prey to trend targeting. Of course they want their pony backpacks and superhero notebooks, but the basic school supplies never go out of style. Set up a budget and have them know that they can’t spend more on that budget, get them involved in the bargain hunting and as a reward, maybe they deserve that trendy item they want. This promotes skills for them and keeps your budget intact.

2. Make a list
Like all shopping, you need to know what you’re buying and stick to that! How often have you strayed from your grocery list and wound up paying WAY more than you wanted.

3. Buy in Bulk
Great thing about school supplies is they usually don’t expire! This means you can buy in larger quantities and save money year after year.

4. Quality versus quantity
This is a fundamental thing to know. It’s to know whether to skimp on something or buy it premium. Cheap pens will cost much more once they ruin some clothing. Also a good backpack will last for years and a be better for your child’s health.

5. Give back while you shop.
If you shop at It’s My Community Store for you Washoe County School Supply, we give back up to 10% to your school or other non-profit you want.

Good and bad things to buy for washoe county back-to-school supplies

With back to school around the corner, it’s a not hard to find yourself buy everything your kid wants and needs all at once. For your Washoe County School supply needs, It’s My Community Store has teamed together with schools to make it easy for you to get the back to school supplies your student require, like Bailey Charter School Supply & Spanish Springs Elementary School List.

Think of this stuff as an investment into your child’s future, in the supplies you buy and those you don’t buy. It never hurts to teach your child to be savvy early on.

Good school Supplies to Buy

Backpack – One of the top things you need to put some time and money into is a good backpack. High quality backpacks will last several years and provide good support for lugging the school books around.

Pencil Box – a pencil box doesn’t need to be hard bond and coated with anything special. A good, sturdy pencil box is all you need. This will provide a convenient way to carry your pencils, and protect them from getting lost or broken, which is a return investment in itself. Getting a good box will last for awhile.

Pencil Sharpener - This is more for home use, but some classes recommend them. A good quality electric one is never a bad thing to have for the academic years, buying a cheap one, you’ll regret it.

The Bad Buys

Look for good deals, but consider what really matters. Sure you can get tons of pencils for really cheap, but how long do they last if they’re constantly breaking? And what about the eraser on them? is it really worth buying cheap?

Also, don’t rush everything. The schools make supply lists to last the whole year, you can space out the payment by buying smaller quantity. And if you need it fast, It’s My Community Store usually delivered in 1 or 2 days, with out you having to run down to the store after a busy day.

Many other supplies that parents have recommended not to buy.
Hand pencil sharpeners (for young ages), it’s just not practical.
Trendy clothes (they are great to make your kid feel cool, but especially for girls, they’re not always the best choice.)
Plastic pencils. Plastic pencils being the #2 that are not wood. They break easily, they don’t have good erasers, they’re not eco-friendly (You can’t recycle them and they don’t decompose), not to mention they aren’t good for writing with.