Reno Fundraising & Fundraising Ideas

Summer’s coming up sooner than you know it, and when it’s that time, the kids are out of school. There are so many activities for them to do in Reno, but many of them are in need of a good Reno fundraising idea. The summer heat in Reno is no time for kids to be walking door to door tirelessly trying to sell melted candy bars or some other Reno fundraising idea that no one really wants to buy any ways.

Why not try out It’s My Community Store? It’s a fresh idea that people are bound to love! Kids don’t have to do much of the hands-on sales.. supporters go online, on their own free time, when they want to and buy products they already use. Not to mention they save a bunch on Reno Office Supplies &! So whether it’s Sports fundraising or Club Fundraising, we can help you raise funds with out the summer heat.

For your next Reno Fundraising Opportunity check out It’s My Community Store!

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